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Help us make django CMS better!

Nicolai Ridani

Sept. 28, 2020

A few brave community members volunteered to clean the dusty corners of django CMS. They found all kinds of urgent feature requests and bugs, which were carefully collected in a list. This list now serves as a recipe to make django CMS better. With your help! 


Hi django CMS community, 

the Tech Committee has created a public list of most pressing feature requests and bugs. For a handful of topics, three brave volunteers (Iacopo, Victor and Mario) of the community have already signed up to help push these topics forward. Now it is on us to help them get these issues resolved! 


How can you help our volunteers Mario, Iacopo & Victor? 

1. Go to the list and choose one of the issues that has a volunteer assigned to it.  

2. Add your name to the Volunteer 2 column. This way you indicate your willingness to collaborate on the issue with the volunteer. 

3. Send me a short email and I will happily guide you through the next steps. 

4. Benefit and let others benefit from the new features and fixed bugs


You want to work on a different issue from the list

No problem! Just choose the issue you prefer to work on and send me a message. I will guide you through the next steps. 


An imporant feature request or bug is missing in the list?

Feel free to add your feature suggestion or bug report to the shortlist. Please stick to the format. 


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