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A new home for django CMS

Nicolai Ridani

Oct. 7, 2020


We will move django CMS to a new Github organisation on Thursday, 8th of October 2020. 

django cms Association Github.jpg

We hereby announce that all django CMS repositories and plugins on Github will be moved from the Divio organization to the django CMS Association organization on Thursday, 8th of October, 2020. This is another step in the official handover of the django CMS open sources project from Divio (also a founding member of the dCA) to the django CMS Association. All repositories and plugins in the dCA Github organisation will be actively maintained. 

Important: Everything will be automatically forwarded. But please make sure to update to the new path and add the django CMS Association to your watchlist! 

What will be moved? 


  • django-cms
  • django-sekizai
  • django-classy-tags
  • django-filer
  • djangocms-admin-style
  • djangocms-text-ckeditor

Plugin bundles:

  • djangocms-link
  • djangocms-picture
  • djangocms-file
  • djangocms-snippet
  • djangocms-style
  • djangocms-audio
  • djangocms-video
  • djangocms-icon
  • djangocms-googlemap
  • djangocms-bootstrap4
  • djangocms-attributes-field
  • djangocms-history
  • djangocms-modules
  • djangocms-transfer


Join the django CMS Association and help us take django CMS to the next level!

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