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How to spin up a django CMS project in less than 5 minutes with Docker Compose

Nicolai Ridani

Jan. 19, 2021

You have an idea for a website project and want to test it quickly? Then you should take a look at the new django CMS quickstart


Our community member Daniele Procida spent some time recently on building this quick start:

The idea is that it’s the quickest and easiest possible way to get started with a django CMS project running in Docker. How quick and easy?

$ git clone [email protected]:django-cms/django-cms-quickstart.git
$ cd django-cms-quickstart
$ docker-compose up --build -d
$ docker-compose run web ./ migrate
$ docker-compose run web ./ createsuperuser
$ open

It gives you a django CMS project with (or without) some common plugins and components, a Bootstrap 4 frontend and so on. It can run with uWSGI, Gunicorn or even Guvicorn for ASGI. It defaults to using Postgres, included in the Docker project, but can also run with MySQL. And if you want, it’s ready to use AWS S3 storage, but you don’t have to.

It gives you a django CMS project that’s very similar to what you’d get if you used the django CMS Installer - it should look pretty familiar to everyone who has used that.It will run happily locally on your own machine, and it’s also ready to be deployed on a Docker host. There’s a how to guide for getting it deployed on Divio, but that’s just one option.

We are very glad for any feedback. You are welcome to join us on Slack and reach out or leave a comment here. 

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