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Next community project is on the horizon - the relaunch of the django CMS website

Nicolai Ridani

June 3, 2021

With the formation of the django CMS Association last year, we have given the django CMS project a new boost. Now it's time that this new page in the book of the django CMS project is also reflected in a modern website. 

For this project, we have outlined the following process (WIP):

Stage 1: Product positioning

  •  What is the goal of the website?
  •  Research best practices & competitors
  •  Collect feedback from the community

Stage 2: UX + wireframes

  • Create sitemap 
  • Create wireframes 
  • Collect feedback from the community

Stage 3: Design

  • Creation of the design based on the wireframes

Stage 4: Plugin architecture

  • Define CMS plugin architecture - usually takes 1-4 hours, but has a huge impact on usability, and can be done by senior django cms developer

Stage 5: Implementation

  • Strong involvment of the community
  • Estimated time: 80-200h

For Stage 1, 2 and 4 we have already formed a small team that is going to work on these tasks. Stage 3 and 5 will need strong support from the community. Once we have reached the design phase (stage 3), we will start with a broader call to arms campaign to attract more contributors and supporters. 

If you want to join the website relaunch group or just stay updated, please visit #workgroup-djangocms-website-relaunch on Slack or reach out to Nicolai ([email protected]) directly. 

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