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Connect Frontify with django CMS and manage your digital assets with ease

Nicolai Ridani

Aug. 4, 2021

With this new plugin for django CMS you can manage your digital asset in a simple, clear, and efficient way. 

Thanks to lab360 you can now leverage the full power of Frontify's cloud based Brand Management Platform in django CMS. This new plugin for django CMS allows you to embed images from Frontify directly into django CMS, with file picker interface. We are very grateful that lab360 is making this plugin open source, allowing other django CMS users to improve their asset management.



You can check out the plugin here

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What is Frontify?


Frontify is a cloud-based brand management platform for everyone who creates and co-creates brands. Frontify is the central place that connects everything (and everyone) that matters to growing a brand. From start to finish, Frontify's brand management platform covers every aspect of the brand journey: from brand guidelines, to the affiliated digital asset management system, to the integrated ability to collaborate creatively through workflows and project folders, to a template system for creating digital and print templates. 

Who is lab360? 

lab360 is swiss based digital agency and your partner for the individual development of app, web and software solutions. They cover everything from frontend and backend development to DevOps with automated unit tests. Their web and software solutions have helped many very well-known companies, especially in Switzerland. 

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