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django-filer-2.1.1 released

Nicolai Ridani

Nov. 5, 2021

After a year of release candidates, it was now time to officially release django-filer with SVG support.

We are happy to announce that django-filer 2.1.1 has been released. Many thanks to Jacob Rief and all contributors who made this new version possible.

What is Django Filer?

Django Filer is a management application for Django that makes handling of files and images a breeze. The project is officially endorsed by the django CMS Association and a core plugin of django-cms. 

Highlights of 2.1.1

The list of changes is very long. Here are a couple of highlights: 

  • Add support for SVG images
  • Nicer icons in Django-Admin for Filer


Check out the full list of changes in the changelog


Get the new version via


Join us in #workgroup-django-filer on Slack for feedback and questions. We are happy to meet you! 

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