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Be part of the future of django CMS

Nicolai Ridani

Nov. 11, 2021

Join our django CMS 4.0 workgroup and contribute to the most important release ever!

With the formation of the django CMS Association last year, the django CMS project has gained new momentum. The community joined forces and managed to attract many new contributors to django CMS. Thanks to their support, two new versions have already been shipped. A great success for the community!

But now the next milestone is just around the corner: django CMS 4.0

Wondering what django CMS 4.0 is?

Nothing less than a complete rewrite of the django CMS. Yes, you heard it right. This new version does a lot of things better and is a real step into the future. 

The project is currently in alpha status. Our goal is to release it next year. To get it over the finish line, we need all hands on deck now. 

But what exactly is different in version 4.0? Make sure to check out our preview video:

Highlights of django CMS 4.0

  • A revised model structure, delivering huge performance improvements
  • Powerful versioning functionality
  • A new app configuration facility that allows other apps to customise / control other apps by enhancing features.
  • Dedicated Edit, Preview and Structure endpoints.  Allows the editing interface to be used by custom models and not just pages.
  • New and improved plugin architecture
  • New Alias Placeholders that are versioned and provide more control  (replaces Static placeholders)
  • Many more minor improvements ....

But why all this fuzz? 

django CMS is entirely managed and operated by its community. We therefore rely on donations and contributions. For this reason, we need all the support we can get. Our strength lies in the power of the community. If you have a stake in django CMS, it's time to join us and make django CMS 4.0 a reality. Let's write the next chapter of django CMS together.

Make a real difference

We need help on all fronts: Fixing bugs, writing documentation, porting plugins, and many more tasks (see the project board here). We call on any developer who has some free time and is passionate about django CMS to get involved.

How can I contribute?

Step 1: Join our Slack workspace and enter the #workgroup-django-cms-4-0 channel. You will be warmly welcomed! 

Step 2: Install django CMS 4.0 on your machine via our QuickStart. Here's a brief video tutorial:

Step 3: (Optional) Join our bi-weekly workgroup call to stay up to date with the team. You will be invited once you have joined the workgroup channel.

Step 4: Take a look at our project board and coordinate with the team which tasks you want to take over. 

Step 5: Help us release django CMS 4.0 and get a place in our Hall of Fame

You contribution will be rewarded

As a contributor you not only gain a lot of reputation in the django CMS community, your name and picture will also be displayed in our hall of fame. And by signing up for our contributor program you get a chance to win awesome django CMS merch. 

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