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The django CMS Association team is growing

Nicolai Ridani

Nov. 24, 2021

Additional support has arrived

We are pleased to announce that two deserving django CMS community members are now part of the django CMS Association team

Welcome Simon!

With Simon, we welcome a young open source enthusiast, who will from now on deal with community management & development activities. Simon has already made a name for himself as a reliable contributor and was instrumental in the introduction of Github Action. His range of tasks include:

  • Technical user support on Slack, Discourse and Discord
  • Website administration support
    • Implementation of small changes
    • Version upgrade
  • Content production support
  • Recording of tutorial videos
  • Involved in django CMS 4.0 & Bootstrap 5 workgroup

A few words from Simon:

Hello dear community! I have always been interested in Open Source Software, and I am very proud to be a part of this project. I am very much looking forward to the coming years with all of you. I strive to make the django CMS project better and better. I want us to achieve a lot together. Together, as a community! I am convinced that we will achieve a lot. I would also like to motivate other people to get involved in the django CMS project and help out. Best Wishes, Simon

Welcome Kaushal!

With Kaushal, we welcome a computer engineering student who wants to look beyond the coding horizon and has therefore applied for a position as Junior Product Manager. In his role, Kaushal will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Helping new contributors in onboarding.
  • Getting new students involved through programs like Google Summer of Code, LFX Mentorship, Outreachy etc.
  • Writing a blog series on how to get started with django CMS
  • Helping with release management.
    • Drive new releases for django CMS projects under dCA Github organization
    • Drive implementation of Github Action release process
  • Monitoring of Github main repository + sub-repositories


A few words from Kaushal:

I am very happy to have the opportunity to expand my skills and join the django CMS proejct. I am looking forward to what lies ahead!


Help us make django CMS the best open source CMS in the world

As a young open source organization we very happy that we have already been able to attract two young talents. By expanding the team, we're getting closer to our goal of taking django CMS to the next level! But that's just the beginning. We welcome everybody who has a passion for Django / django CMS to join our team! 

Reach out to us via [email protected] and tell us how you want to get involved. We're looking forward to meeting to you! 

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