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2022 - the django CMS Association open its doors. New dCA volunteer positions available!

Nicolai Ridani

Dec. 7, 2021

Anyone, including members of the django CMS Association, or the public can apply for the positions. They are open to anyone who would like to participate.

We recently reported that the django CMS project is on a growth trajectory. With the formation of the django CMS Association, the foundation was laid for the transition to a community-driven open source project. We have successfully revitalized the django CMS community and substantially increased the number of contributions.

Now that we have reached a critical mass of members, we have entered a new phase: the expansion of roles and responsibilities. It is not surprising that with a growing project comes more tasks. For this reason, we have defined a list of items that we believe are important for a successful community-driven open source project.

We are now asking anyone interested to look at the different roles and decide if he or she would like to play a decisive part in the success of django CMS. Here you can find all positions in the django CMS Association.

Apply for a volunteer position

Some positions are already filled, for others we are still looking for people who would like to dedicate a few hours a month to the project. 

The following volunteer positions are currently vacant:

  • Marketing Manager 
  • Community Manager
  • Technical Lead
  • Documentation Lead
  • Product Manager
  • Vice President of the dCA

Learn more about what responsibilities each role entails here

See all current volunteers here

Why would I want to volunteer?

Because there is a number of good reasons why volunteering for the django CMS project is a good thing. Here are a few:

  • You join a reputable team of django CMS enthusiast and be part of a vibrant community 
  • You gain reputation in the python / django / django CMS community 
  • You improve your skills and build a proven track record
  • You build and extend your network in the open source world
  • You receive your own email address
  • Your profile listed in the about us section on website
  • You are eligible to attend the quarterly association board meeting
  • You can add your voluntary position to your LinkedIn profile
  • You will receive a merch bundle (django CMS hoody, stickers etc.)


If you want to find out more about all dCA volunteer positions check out our overview page

Go to all positions

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