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djangocms-text-ckeditor 5.1 released!

Nicolai Ridani

Aug. 23, 2022

What is django CMS Text CKEditor?

djangocms-text-ckeditor is django CMS’ text plugin that handles  text content. It is build on the ready-to-use WYSIWYG CKEditor (v4). CKEditor is highly integrated into django CMS allowing the management of text, images and other custom content.

Highlights of version 5.1:

django CMS has an easy-to-use frontend content editor. With version 5.1 users can change text plugins by using the new inline editor function. It allows editors to change text in the frontend editor by just clicking on it and without the need to open the change plugin modal window. Especially for small text updates on a page this reduces the number of clicks greatly and thus improves usability and speed.Check out the full list of changes in the changelog.


Get the new version via To activate inline editing add TEXT_INLINE_EDITING = True  to your project’s . This will add a button the the toolbar which allows editors to switch on and off inline editing.



Huge shoutout to the following contributors of this release:




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