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My first month as django CMS fellow

Fabian Braun

Nov. 18, 2022


Hi everyone! In my new role as django CMS Fellow I would like to give you a quick update on what happened on October:

  • Our regular bi-weekly django cms v4 meeting is gaining more and more traction! If you are interested in joining us please do so via #workgroup-django-cms-4-0
  • We all have done extensive testing on django cms v4 and I could invest quite some effort into fixing some final bugs together with @Mark Walker and @Andrew Aikman regarding broken page and plugin tree functionality. Having fixed this means v4 is getting closer to release!
  • I have supported the v4 documentation task force so that they can start compiling the v4 documentation. The docs are now hosted in their own github repository so that contributors can work independently from the main codebase. This makes improving v4 documentation a lot easier. Want to know more: Join #workgroup-documentation !
  • Djangocms-text-ckeditor is now set up to work with both v3 and v4 in the future. This ensures a strong common code base. Other official packages will follow!
  • Django CMS v3.11.1 is coming: The first release candidate includes Django 4.1 and Python 3.11  support, many community improvements on performance and bug fixes. Stay tuned!
  • Finally, I am very happy to welcome new contributors to the community. I had the pleasure to support their contributions getting merged into the code base! Welcome on board. Also interested? Join #contributors!

Thanks to everyone for a truly exciting first month!! 

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