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DjangoCon.EU 2023 in Edinburgh was a great event!

Fabian Braun

June 5, 2023


Hello everyone! Here's a quick update from the django CMS Fellow: Last month was marked by the DjangoCon.EU in Edinburgh! What a delightful conference! (Those who never attended a DjangoCon: it is worth going! 2024 it will be held in Vigo, Spain)

  • django CMS was strongly represented by @Mark Walker@Jacob Rief@Jens-Erik Weber@Andrew Aikman@Adam Murray  and myself
  • @Andrew Aikman held a great talk on green computing
  • I had the opportunity to chair the Wednesday morning session
  • Later on Wednesday I introduced django CMS versioning in a 5 minute lightning talk which I used to present some advanced features and what you can do with them: all part of the major upcoming release of django CMS 4
  • @Daniele Procida mentioned django CMS three times in his closing remarks when advertising the sprints. 
  • Andrew, Jens-Erik, Jacob, Danny, Mark, Adam and myself took part in the django CMS sprint dinner on Wednesday night at a great Scottish restaurant. Great time to socialize.
  • We had several new people looking at django CMS and installing their first version 4 project (@Maria Müller@Kateryna@Colm, Danny, @Psalms). They spent at least one day (if not two) on django CMS. Please welcome them warmly to the community!
  • During the two sprint days Thursday and Friday, we had in total  6 PR done, 4 thereof merged on django CMS 4; 3 fixes started for djangocms-versioning, 3 fixes for djangocms-moderation, thereof 2 merged! It was a delight to have people working together in the same room!

Thanks to everyone participating: I think you made a great impression on the wider Django community.Also, there are now release candidates for djangocms-versioning and djangocms-alias on PyPi. Both packages are relevant for django CMS v4.

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