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Nephila releases djangocms-blog 2.0

Nicolai Ridani

Sept. 13, 2023

The long awaited udpdate of one of the most used django CMS plugins is finally here: djangocms-blog 2.0.2 for django CMS v3. The team at Nephila, a highly respected long-time member of the django CMS Association, put in all the work! We are super grateful for the contribution! 


  • Add include in rss field to post, to be able to exclude blog items from rss feed. (#663)
  • Add a CMS toolbar item for category and tag list (#676)
  • Add optional BLOG_UNICODE_SLUGS setting that disable unicode in blog posts slugs. (#707)
  • Improve meta image size handling (#718)
  • Port to django 3.2/4.1 - django CMS 3.11 (#720)
  • Add default_auto_field to BlogAppConfig (#737)


  • Fix distinct preventing post delete from admin (#683)
  • See description here: #699 (#699)
  • Add classname for categories and tags that uses slug, not empty "count". (#710)
  • Fix pre-commit flake8 repo url (#715)
  • Fix template urls not respecting namespaces (#723)
  • Do not show a post detail published on another site (#724)

More infos on the update here: 

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