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The English National Ballet

The customer was delighted with the flexibility of layouts that django CMS makes possible.


The English National Ballet approached Isotoma because we have extensive experience delivering highly polished information architecture and beautiful user interfaces. The English National Ballet are one of the most prestigious arts organisations in the world and could accept nothing less than a flawless online experience. They wanted to overhaul their online presence in line with a radical reimagining of their brand that was happening in parallel. 

Additionally, their website and back office systems needed to be modernised extensively after many years of neglect. Finally, the project had an aggressive deadline driven by both the launch of the rebrand and the customer’s extensive Christmas marketing activity.

Why django CMS was the best solution/what were the advantages

django CMS was a particularly powerful choice in this case for a number of factors. First of all, it’s broad ‘out of the box’ feature set allowed us to deliver a large number of high priority features early in the project, freeing up the entire project team to get on with the more bespoke aspects of the project. 

Secondly, because of the aggressive timelines of the project, compression of training time was a real issue and we wanted to use a CMS that offered users as shallow a learning curve as possible. django CMS delivered that

Finally, the customer was delighted with the flexibility of layouts that django CMS makes possible - and this allowed the project team to get away from time-consuming fiddling with templates and concentrate on delivering features. 

Learnings & conclusion

django CMS offered Isotoma both a reliable ‘base’ from which to develop further features and tools while also simplifying and de-risking a lot of usual, early-project sticking points. Its flexibility allows users to confidently operate it without training and with low organisational risk. The major learning that we took from this project was that agile projects with complex CMS-based tasks could be delivered to a high level of polish using django CMS.


The English National Ballet


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