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Frontend editing done the right way  

Make your content editors go WOW 

Editing content on your website is just a double-click away

Many editors who use django CMS for the first time are confused: How do I log into the backend to amend my text? You can't. In fact, you don't need to. You can easily change content directly on the web page. A double-click on the desired location is all it takes to change a headline or correct an annoying typo. With django CMS, you put the content first. No more hassle with complicated website structures.

Full drag & drop support for components

The practical drag & drop feature makes it very easy to move and rearrange entire sections within a web page. This very convenient and intuitive way of structuring content also allows editors to easily make changes to the website structure. 

Copy & Paste across all pages 

The copy-and-paste feature of django CMS is one of its absolute strengths. It has never been so easy for editors to create new pages and copy and paste entire sections across pages on the new site. The website structure and the various website elements only need to have been created beforehand so that they can then be reused as desired in different places. It is not necessary to hire a developer to create new pages. This gives the editor full autonomy, e.g. to test an idea for a subpage, or to extend the website independently. 

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