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Membership Program

Donate to the project and receive exclusive benefits

The django CMS Association is the non-profit organization that is behind the django CMS open source project. Our goal is to accelerate the django CMS project, nurture the community, and support its growth.

In order to pursue our goals, we rely on donations. The best way to donate is to sign up for our membership program and pay annual membership fees. The funding goes back into core development, infrastructure and community projects.

In return, members get access to a worldwide and ever-growing community to increase their industry visibility. Our membership program also includes opportunities for advertising, networking, knowledge-sharing, talent recruitment and cost savings.

What you get

Join the django CMS Association and profit from our benefits

Recruit developers

Increase your recruiting success (Employer Branding) and find new Python / Django tech talent for your company

Open source advocacy

Make a statement for open source and help to fund the development of django CMS

Industry visibility

Showcase your services to a large audience and gain more visibility

Save infrastructure costs

 Using a license free CMS saves you significant costs

Knowledge sharing

Benefit from accessing an expert community and gain knowledge by attending workshops and other events.  

Increase trust in your offering

Signal to potential clients that you use a professional CMS tool which is backed by a trusted organization.

Who benefits


Agencies & Enterprises

Our membership program is aimed at both agencies (web development, design, etc.) that use django CMS for client projects, as well as enterprises and django CMS site owners that save costs by using a CMS that has no licensing fees.


Hosting Providers

Companies that provide hosting solutions can also benefit from the membership program. Through their membership they can showcase their services and create touchpoints with potential customers. 



Our program is also aimed at universities that have django CMS in use for their university website infrastructure, or are planning to migrate to django CMS. Since django CMS is already in use at well-known universities (see Case Study University of Innsbruck), it is worthwhile to support django CMS and exchange ideas with our university members. 

Memberships - all tiers include the same benefits 




For companies that specialises in django CMS services, or who have made great savings by using a CMS as an end-user with no license costs

15'000 USD p.a.

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Mid-sized Businesses


For mid-sized companies that provide django CMS services or use django CMS as an end-user regularly

3'000 USD p.a.

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Small Businesses


For small companies that provide django CMS services or use django CMS as an end-user regularly

1'500 USD p.a.

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Very small Businesses


For very small companies who offer django CMS services to customers

500 USD p.a.

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Individuals may support django CMS directly through the Github Sponsors program. 

Benefits in detail 

Company profile listed in our member directory.

Entry on the django CMS Marketplace.

1 x Membership badge for your website.

1 x Featured case study on

1 x Blog article about your membership which is shared across all social media channels.

Access to the job board for the publication of job advertisements.

Exclusive access to workshops and events.

Would you rather give a one-time donation to the project? No problem. We also welcome sponsoring. Contact us for more information. 

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Frequently asked questions

The django CMS Association was founded to ensure the long-term success of django CMS and to guarantee the further development of the django CMS project. The dCA sees itself as a mediator within the open source community and aims to create a pleasant atmosphere of mutual respect and recognition. The focus is on community projects like events and conferences. Through marketing measures the awareness of django CMS shall be increased and the market share shall be increased. In the long run all community members will profit from this, be it companies that offer django CMS services or companies that use django CMS. The goal of the django CMS Association is to bundle the power of the community and to provide a sustainable platform. 

In addition to the annual general meeting, where decisions such as the roadmap or budget are determined by all association members, the dCA regularly organizes community events such as hackathons or webinars and other formats. At the same time, the dCA encourages contributors to organize themselves into groups and to work together on projects. 

Because you care about the existence of django CMS and its future! Your membership is a statement of support to the django CMS open source project. We all benefit from the license free django CMS, whether we use it for our websites or for customer projects. However, to be prepared for future challenges, financial means are needed to secure django CMS success and sustainability. For this reason we have founded the association. As a member, you not only participate financially, you also get a say in the future of django CMS. With your votes at the General Assembly you can decide in which direction django CMS should develop, from a product point of view or as an open source project in general. 

We offer a range of corporate memberships with different fees depending on the size of the company and the savings made from using a license-free CMS. For individuals that cannot afford a business membership but want to support the django CMS Association. They can also do so on top of their company's membership, out of personal interest.

The django CMS Association is a non-profit association with based in Zurich, Switzerland. The association is financed by the donations and membership fees of its members. 

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