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The Power of Open Source 

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Four reasons why an open source CMS is the right choice for you!



A great strength of open source systems are the associated communities that form naturally around the projects. Due to the fact that open source code is publicly accessible, the willingness to participate is inspired naturally. As a result, many people come together to work on a project and share ideas. Therefore, with open source systems, it is easier to find information and people with experience who can talk about the product and offer support to the technical team, whether they are developers, engineers or digital marketers.

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Since open source systems are supported by large communities of developers, there are numerous customization options and plugins available to suit your needs. With such a large community of developers and the like behind the system, the options are virtually endless in terms of functionality and personalization. This means that you can take an open source product and add the personalization functionality that you need for your business. These personalizations will be unique and tailored to your needs!

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The hundreds of thousands of developers who collaborate and monitor open source systems ensure that the strength of the platform is maintained, which means that threats are nearly transparent and can be quickly detected and fixed. This increased visibility creates a larger safety net in which problems can be effectively addressed. With open source systems, the entire community addresses a problem, not just a single team. So if there are problems with the technology, they are identified much more quickly and consequently fixed more quickly, reducing risk.

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Open source solutions are much less expensive than closed source systems. The key factor here is priority lock-in, since closed-source platforms usually have this service, which means that part of the framework correlates directly with the closed-source framework you'll be using, since it was developed specifically for that system. This means you may have to learn how to use it and train your team, which of course comes at a cost.

Open source systems are cheaper. Unlike closed systems, there are no costly recurring license fees for simply using the software. However, you don't necessarily get all the features and functionality you would with a closed-source product.

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