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django CMS 3.0.6 released

Iacopo Spalletti

Oct. 7, 2014


Today we released django CMS 3.0.6, the best django CMS version so far!

This is mostly a bugfix release, with official Django 1.7 support as a bonus.

The major features is Django 1.7 support: This is the first django CMS version to fully support Django 1.7. New migrations are stored in 'cms/migrations_django' and will be kept there till we switch from south to django migration by default. The core plugins have added django 1.7 migrations as well.

  • Django 1.7 support has been tested but still marked as experimental as we need to get feedback on live projects before declaring it as stable.

Other minor features added:

  • Added CMSPlugin.get_render_template: This method returns the template during the render phase, allowing to change the template based on any plugin attribute or context status;
  • Added simplified toolbar API for page extensions: allows for more compact toolbar defintion for the page extensions.

This is the full changelog:

  • Experimental full Django 1.7 migrations support
  • Added CMSPlugin.get_render_model to get the plugin model at render time
  • Added simplified API to handle toolbar for page extensions
  • Fixed a few frontend glitches
  • Fixed menu when hide untranslated is set to False
  • Added option to publish all the pages in a language / site in publisher_publish command
  • Fixed sitemap ordering
  • Fixed plugin table name generation fixes

Thanks to John-Scott Atlakson, Oliver Zander, Donatas, Chris Wilson for their great contributions to this release.

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