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The people who make django CMS possible

We would like to thank all our supporters, be it individual volunteers who help us with their work contribution or companies who support this project with their financial contribution. Without their help and support this project would not be possible. We are proud of every single supporter who shares our vision for django CMS and has joined our way!

Individual Supporters

See individuals who support django CMS through the Github Sponsors program here:

  • Stoppani Jonathan
  • Roland Frédéric
  • Rief Jacob
  • Aikman Andrew
  • Garala Miral
  • Ridani Nicolai
  • Burch Joel
  • Kuhn Marcus
  • Grabher Sybille
  • Braun Fabian
  • Colombo Mario
  • Meylan Mathieu
  • Van Der Vyver Bernard
  • Partson Manyika
  • Hepper Stephan
  • Farrell Peter J.
  • Weber Jens-Erik
  • Verde Francesco
  • Wyser Marcel
  • Pardo Fabrice
  • Cordeiro Marcelo

Company Supporters

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