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Drag and drop images lands in django-filer release 1.1

Loriana Indelicato

Jan. 19, 2016

Django Filer

Managing files is not a glamorous occupation, but it still needs to be done properly. If you need to manage uploaded media on your website, Django Filer is the best tool for the job, and we've made it even better, with a new, cleaner interface and drag-and-drop file handling.

Drag and drop images lands in django-filer

Drag-and-drop file upload

The Filer's admin now lets you upload files simply by dragging them onto the upload box in the browser - no more navigating through your local folders in search of the correct file. It's a small thing, but you don't realise what an improvement it represents until you go back to the old way of doing things.

Drag and drop images lands in django-filer

The same interface is even made available to your own forms that use the Filer select file field widget, so you can make use of it throughout your applications.

The new filer featuring drag & drop for quick images upload

Improved image and file detail view

The new interface provides better at-a-glance information about files, reflecting the kind of information you'd expect to see in the file management system of a modern personal computer OS.

Drag and drop images lands in django-filer

Looking forward

We feel that Django Filer is an important helper application in the Django ecosystem, and we're working hard to make it better still. We want it to add value to your Django projects, not by being the star application, but by being a reliable and easy-to-use tool that makes your users' daily work more pleasant.

There's more to come, and in releases in the near future you can expect to see:

  • a more sophisticated focal point control
  • drag-and-drop functionality in django CMS's Content and Structure modes
  • drag-and-drop image plugin creation
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