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django CMS 3.4.5 released

Daniele Procida

Oct. 17, 2017


Introducing Django 1.11 compatibility

We're pleased to announce django CMS 3.4.5, which includes our first support for Django version 1.11.

This combination of django CMS 3.4.x and Django 1.11, both Long-Term Support releases, will give our users confidence that their main software components are guaranteed critical updates until the next LTS releases, making it ideal for organisations that need to plan their upgrade paths carefully. Django 1.11 will be the last version to support Python 2.

Support for Django 1.11 was also the final outstanding item listed in the roadmap for django CMS 3.4.x. 

See the Changelog for more details.

How to get it

Version 3.4.5 is available for installation:

Please file any bug reports on GitHub, and give us any other feedback on our django CMS developers email list.

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