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Now available: django CMS 3.7 with Long Term Support

Thomas Bailey

Sept. 25, 2019

Our second LTS release of django CMS is available now. django CMS 3.7 will receive security and bug fixes until at least the end of 2022.

Our last Long Term Support (LTS) release of django CMS was over three years ago with django CMS 3.4, which has been receiving security and bug fixes since release. As the next LTS release, django CMS 3.7 will be supported for the next three years, and we recommend making the upgrade from all previous versions. To ensure a graceful transition, support for django CMS 3.4 will continue for a further six months.

django CMS 3.7 in focus

The emphasis for django CMS 3.7 is stability and providing an up-to-date foundation for future releases by updating the Django version and bringing together bug fixes and improvements since django CMS 3.4. You should also find django CMS 3.7 more responsive and more usable when editing plugin trees through the improvements introduced in django CMS 3.5.

The release candidates for django CMS 3.7 have been well received and proven stable with no major issues and a smooth adoption path for testers. We feel confident in recommending all users to begin the upgrade process as soon as possible and starting the next long term support cycle.

If you are updating from django CMS 3.4 you should be aware that there have been many changes over the last three years. The release notes between django CMS versions provide a good summary of the underlying changes you should expect.

Important to consider is that Django 2.1 (supported from django CMS 3.6) will not recieve updates after December 2019 therefore we we urge users using non-LTS versions to update to django CMS 3.7 and Django 2.2. 

We recommend following the Django upgrade guide and reviewing your add-ons accordingly. 

Installation on Divio

The easiest way to try out django CMS is by creating a new Divio Cloud project, which takes only a couple of minutes.

In the Divio Cloud Control Panel, create a new django CMS project.

Once it has been created, configure its Addons. You will need to specify:

  • django CMS: select version or newer from the Stable channel of Aldryn django CMS

Then you can Deploy the project.

Install django CMS using pip

Run pip install django-cms==3.7.0. You should find that updating django CMS to 3.7 in a project already running 3.6.x requires no other changes, as long as you're using compatible versions of Python and Django, and have stopped using deprecated APIs.

What's new

Please see the django CMS 3.7 release notes for more information about what's new and how to upgrade.

We want your feedback

Your feedback is vital and warmly welcomed! All reports, positive and negative, are valuable to us. For technical issues, please use GitHub issues.

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