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The importance of the django CMS Association

Mario Colombo

Aug. 4, 2020

Reasons to join the django CMS Association.

django CMS was initially created by web developers in 2007 to build a better solution for other content management systems' technical and security limitations. As django CMS is the only modern CMS in the django environment, a community began to emerge. 

Today, django CMS is based on a global community and is used in thousands of projects worldwide, including corporate enterprises. Together, Divio, what. and Eliga Services founded the django CMS association to tackle the challenges ahead to make the project sustainable and successful in the long run. 

In this article, we'll show you the importance of the association and give you an overview of the benefits of a django CMS member. 

Why did we choose an association?

The association is the most widely used independent legal entity under Swiss law. This popularity can be explained by the fact that the Swiss association: 

  • is suitable for commercial and NPO entities
  • decision-making processes are protected 
  • simple and economic setup

Purpose of the django CMS association

Our purpose as the django CMS association is to keep django CMS in sync with current digital marketing and digital content management trends. The aim is to provide leadership within the django CMS community, maintain and continuously grow the contributor's community worldwide. The consortium allows its members to participate in voting and amend the articles of association. We will ensure that the code contributions are steady and of high quality. The corporation positions django CMS as the best modern open source CMS choice in the enterprise market for medium sized companies and corporations worldwide. 

Why you should join an association

For some people in the django CMS community, creating relationships is essential, and joining a group of developers allows you to have a sense of security and trust. You can support and help one another in the development of new addons or projects with django CMS. 

What are the benefits of the django CMS association

  • Feature development core and core addons
  • Security releases and upgrades for core and addons
  • Enable a continued roadmap and voting rights to members
  • Backbone of the leading django CMS open-source framework
  • Offers four different membership types for huge open-source community

How to become a django CMS member

If you want to become a member of the django CMS association, we offer four different types of membership to our community with a variety of benefits adjusted to your needs.

The membership types vary from SMEs, enterprises, individuals, academia, and NPO.

Membership Types

In the following table, we compare the different membership types with the benefits that come with each membership. 

Membership benefits

  • New releases of django CMS with your financial support
  • Access to the yearly General Assembly including voting rights on roadmap and budget
  • Profile listed in member’s directory

Membership tiers

Supporter Bronze  Silver Gold Platinum

Very Small Businesses  

Small Businesses  Mid-sized Businesses Enterprise

For Individuals out of personal interest, who are independent developers that cannot afford an agency membership 

For very small companies who offer django CMS services to customers 

For small companies that provide django CMS services or use django CMS as an end-user regularly

For mid-sized companies that provide django CMS services or use django CMS as an end-user regularly 

For companies that specialises in django CMS services, or who have made great savings by using a CMS as an end-user with no license costs

24 CHF

500 CHF
1500 CHF
3000 CHF
15.000 CHF


Further Readings

Ready to become a django CMS member? The association is dependent on donations to fulfill its purpose. The best way to contribute is to become a member of the association and pay membership fees. The funding will flow back into core development and community projects. Sign up for a membership or contact the association.

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