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Working on Django 3.1 support

Angelo Dini

Aug. 7, 2020


Django 3.1 has been released and we're working towards support in our next release: django CMS 3.8.0.

Now that Django 3.1 is available, various packages are in the process of upgrading their code-base to support the latest release. Aligned with our roadmap, so are we!

We have started the process of upgrading django CMS, its dependencies and the core addons to support Django 3.1. We expect a release of django CMS 3.8.0 in August or September, depending on how fast external dependencies are updated.

django CMS 3.8.0 will drop support for Python versions below 3.5 (including Python 2.x) as well as Django versions below 2.2. django CMS 3.8.0 will officially support Python 3.5+ and Django 2.2, 3.0 and 3.1. This will also apply to all django CMS maintained dependencies (e.g. django-sekizai, django-classy-tags) and core addons (e.g. django-filer, djangocms-text-ckeditor).

We strongly recommend upgrading from Python 2.x to at least 3.5 as well as from Django 1.11 to at least 2.2. If this is not possible for you, now would be a good time to pin requirements in existing projects to the versions you are using now. Otherwise, new releases of dependencies are very likely to break your project.

Once django CMS 3.8.0 has been released, support for 3.6.x will be dropped. We strongly recommend upgrading to django CMS 3.7.x (LTS) as soon as possible if you are still using 3.6.x.

Please note that django CMS 3.4.x (LTS) and django CMS 3.5.x are no longer supported and will not receive any further security updates.

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