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Become a community hero and make django CMS the number one open source Content Management System

Nicolai Ridani

Feb. 1, 2021

To achieve our goal of making django CMS sustainable and successful, we need you! Our community is at the heart of what we do, and now we need your help to grow the CMS even further and give you the opportunity to contribute to the success of our growth.

We have a number of community tasks that you can do, which will allow us to become more popular and help make a name for yourself within the community.

Community tasks for Community Heros 

Case Study

Help us showcase the potential django CMS has for others, and increase awareness of your project, by sharing a case study of your lighthouse project.

Blog Article
Write a guest article about a django CMS related topic and publish it on our website. Help to drive traffic to our website and increase awareness around your project.

Video Tutorial 
Create a new video tutorial for django CMS beginners and replace our most clicked video on Youtube. Thousands of people will thank you.

django CMS 4.0 Community Release
Join our developer team and support us with the django CMS 4.0 community release that includes many cool new features. 

... and many more community tasks


How you can become a Community Hero

1. Choose a community task 
2. Sign up for the task 
3. Get onboarded
4. Become a community hero

Community heroes are honored on our website and on Github

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