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The django CMS project is picking up speed. Get on board now and become part of something big!

Nicolai Ridani

March 16, 2021

The django CMS community is growing every day. More and more people use django CMS for their website project. In order to continue providing a good user experience, our team of volunteers needs reinforcement.

This graph (number of members on Slack, Discord and Discourse) taken from our community CRM shows that the django CMS community has been growing strongly since we launched the django CMS Association last year. But wIth more members, more support requests emerge. 

That's why our team of volunteers is looking for contributors to help us with managing issues on Github. Our goal is to form a small team that is periodically reviewing, managing and cleaning up GIthub issues. 

The team currently consists of the following members: 

- Andrew Aikman

- Iacopo Spalleti

- and you? 

If you join the team, you will be working at a key point of the django CMS project playing a big part in the success of the django CMS open source project. Volunteers will be added to our community hero list and receive other benefits


How do I join the team?


Step 1: Join #contributor on our Slack 

Step 2: Meet the team

Step 3: Get onboarded 


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