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Enterprise Content Management with Django

The free open-source CMS used by thousands of websites since 2007

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Don't know Python/Django? Try the new django CMS tutorial!

Don't know Python/Django?

We recently published a new tutorial to create a django CMS website without any knowledge of Python/Django.

Go to the tutorial

The django CMS book: Beginning django CMS by Nigel George

The django CMS book

Beginning django CMS  takes you from knowing nothing about django CMS, to building a complete functional website.

Purchase your copy on Amazon

The new django CMS 3.2 is now available and has touch-support

Touch-screen support

With tablet support, this new technology opens the door to creating and managing content from virtually anywhere:


The system’s user interfaces have been comprehensively rethought, redesigned and extensively tested with the end-user in mind.

Improved performance

Behind the scenes, frontend code has been aggressively optimised to improve speed and bandwidth consumption.

A CMS built for developers
and content editors

django CMS was originally conceived by web developers frustrated with the technical and security limitations of other systems, while its lightweight core makes it easy to integrate with other software and put to use immediately.
Its ease of use makes it the go-to choice for content managers, content editors and website admins.

For the Developer

Developers can integrate other existing Django applications very easily, or build brand new compatible apps that take advantage of django CMS's publishing and editing features.

For the content editor

django CMS is user friendly and has a very intuitive drag and drop interface.
It is built around the needs of multi-lingual publishing by default, not as an afterthought: all websites, pages and content can exist in multiple language versions.

check out the features 
CMS for developers and content editors
2015 best open source cms award winner - django CMS
2015 CMS Critic People's Choice Award Winner

Voted Best Open Source CMS "by a significant margin of several hundred votes over the competition"

Read why
Backed by Divio

A successful history of an open-source project backed by Divio


Divio is born


Divio is fully focused on Django/Python


django CMS 1.0 release


django CMS 2.0 release


django CMS 2.1 release


django CMS 2.2 and 2.3 release


django CMS 3.0 and 3.1 release


django CMS 3.2 release






Closed issues in last 30 days


Commits in last 30 days
these companies trust django cms
AAMC - Association of American Medical Colleges - django CMS website
AAMC - Association of American Medical Colleges - django CMS website
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how to install
Install django CMS!

Install django CMS manually in your environment using the console or download the package.

$ pip install --upgrade virtualenv
$ virtualenv env
$ source env/bin/activate
(env) $ pip install djangocms-installer
(env) $ djangocms -p . my_demo
download .tar.gzdownload .zip
Deploy django CMS in the Cloud

With Aldryn Cloud from Divio you start with a django CMS already set up. Start building your website today:

  • Launch a django CMS websites in minutes
  • Real time overview of all your running projects
  • Zero effort deployment
Get your free django CMS cloud server

So far django CMS has been downloaded..

..times from PyPi alone, and still counting!

Daniele Procida
Daniele Procida

django cms community manager

“django CMS extensibility allows it to integrate with a huge variety of other applications and meet complex web publishing requirements.”

Daniele Procida
Michael Hall

Community Manager at Canonical

“We were so happy with django CMS on Ubuntu Developer that we decided to use it for Ubucon too.”

Daniele Procida
Nadja Tamler

Head of PR at Spital Limmatal

“After evaluating different options with our partner Crafft Kommunikation AG we decided to go with «django CMS» because we think it fits our interests and needs best.”

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