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it's finally here!

Nicolai Ridani

Jan. 1, 2024

Back in 2020, we kicked things off with the django CMS Association, and we had a big dream: rolling out django CMS version 4. This wasn't just any goal; it was the heart of our mission to breathe new life into the django CMS community. We set out to bring more paying members on board and drive our project forward, all leading up to this big release. And guess what? We've done it! Thanks to a bunch of amazing folks who pitched in, we've hit our target. Today, I'm super excited to tell you that django CMS 4 is finally here. It's a huge win for all of us, and it shows just what we can achieve together. 

Watch this video to see what version 4 can do


  • Powerful version management

  • Optimized performance

  • Advanced App Configuration Capabilities

  • Flexible Editing Endpoints

  • Check out more new features here



Please see the changelog for django CMS 4.1.0 for full details of the changes. 

How to get it

Version 4.1.0 is available for installation in several different ways: 

  • via pip (pip install django-cms==4.1.0)

  • directly from GitHub

Testing & Feedback

Please file any bug reports on GitHub, and give us any other feedback in our Slack (#support)


Let's give a shout-out to everyone who played a part in bringing v4 to life. Their hard work and dedication have made all of this possible.

  • Fabian Braun
  • Krzysztof Socha
  • Andrew Aikman
  • Rizwan
  • Paulo Alvarado
  • Monika Sulik
  • Vadim Sikora
  • Mark Walker
  • Jonathan Sundqvist
  • Adam Murray
  • Malinda Perera
  • Mateusz Kamycki
  • Bernard Van Der Vyver
  • Anirban Lahiri
  • Vinit Kumar
  • Damilare Onajole
  • Marc Kirkwood
  • Noel da Costa
  • Simon Krull
  • Angelo Dini
  • Marc Matus
  • Mravcik
  • NarenderRajuB
  • Peng Yu
  • Jacob Rief
  • Nebojsa Knezevic
  • Stefan Wehrmeyer
  • Stefan van den Eertwegh
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