Content: Board Member Responsibilities

Board Members Responsibilities

The board is formed by the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer

The following responsibilities are shared by the board members:

  • Spread the word.

    • Advocate for django CMS in your network.

    • Help raising funds in your network

    • Recruit contributors and volunteers in your network. 

    • Spread the word about dCA initiatives and achievements.

    • Mention django CMS in your public appearances, lectures and publications

  • Shape and develop the dCA strategy & mission

    • Our goal to drive the success of django CMS, by increasing customer happiness, market share and open-source contributions.

  • Propose and control the annual dCA budget

    • Prepare the budget proposal and get it approved by the General Assembly

  • Oversee product strategy including the technical roadmap of django CMS

  • Oversee and manage the community work groups

    • high-level work topics and tasks

    • release management

    • security vulnerabilities

    • marketing activities/events

    • Growing and onboarding new members

  • Ensure financial stability of the dCA & compliance with necessary laws. Guiding and auditing the book keeping of the association to ensure that the finances of the dCA are in order and records are properly kept

  • Prepare and execute the annual general assembly with all the dCA members

  • Attend quarterly board meetings and apr. 3-4 additional meetings on request when required

  • Manage legal risks

  • Provide development/marketing/sales resources when available to the dCA (on a voluntary basis, but highly encouraged and appreciated)

  • Stakeholder management

    • Directing the leadership team and recruiting

    • Representational duties

      • Community/Open-Source activities

      • CMS market networking activities 

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