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Setting up a website for a newly formed team of motivated ServiceNow experts in a quick and straightforward manner. 

django CMS expertsnowi case study

Expertsnow is a newly formed team of 3 ServiceNow engineers with experience in ServiceNow development, administration and configuration. They teamed up to cover a broad landscape of the ServiceNow product portfolio. As part of their startup, they needed to quickly create a website to attract new customers.  The team evaluated several solutions and finally chose django CMS. Find out why!

The challenge

Due to the fact that their company was still in a very early stage and the new website needed to be created quickly, the biggest challenge was to figure out whether it was worth learning an elaborate CMS like django CMS or to go for a static solution. One thing was clear though, WordPress was out of the question (for various reasons).  


The requirements for the CMS included a number of points:

  • Easy set up

  • Low to no costs 

  • Good documentation

  • Out of the box blogging capabilities

  • Extending/adding functionality must be easy.

  • Full control over the code - no “hidden” functionalities.

  • Setting up multiple languages should be easy (German and English) and providing content and pages in only a subset of these languages must be possible, preferably with the possibility to define fallbacks.

Although the django CMS documentation has the tendency to be a bit cluttered in some places, django CMS ticked all the boxes. 

What was done

As a first step, the team thoroughly tested the django CMS demo to familiarize themselves with the tool. Then they rented a KVM virtual server from an Austrian vendor and set up the instance using the django CMS documentation. In this case, the Django documentation also proved helpful. 

After the initial setup, the team looked at the user interface to see what was already available out of the box and what needed to be developed in-house. Besides some additional Python packages, a blog module was also installed to improve SEO. After that, everything was already ready for a quick go-live. 


Since the team had tried to use out-of-the-box functionalities and plugins as much as possible, a super fast go-live could be realized.

More benefits of using django CMS:

  • As the business grows, the website can easily grow with it. Thanks to the Django framework, new applications can be created quickly and integrated seamlessly into the website. This makes the website sustainable and future-proof.  
  • A nice side effect of the new website: Even the nerdiest and most code-savvy developer like it.
  • Fast and easy communication with the django CMS developer community. Questions were answered quickly and there was always someone available.
django CMS expertsnowi case studydjango CMS expertsnowi case studydjango CMS expertsnowi case study




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Application development, consulting and administration in regards to ServiceNow

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