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Radio Zürisee is a fast and responsive website realised by Radio Zürisee using django CMS and the Aldryn Cloud platform.


Radio Zürisee is one of the biggest private radio stations in Switzerland (source: Wikipedia).

The new website is in effect a digital companion to the broadcast content. With the new website, people can listen to live audio streams or podcasts, and enter competitions to win prizes. They can also find more information about music, events and advertisements. Finally, visitors can use  the new web shop to buy merchandise and tickets.
The new website is based on django CMS and it’s running on the Divio Cloud platform, allowing the station’s own IT department to be able to manage the website completely autonomously and with minimal effort.

Addons and custom applications

For this project, the team employed some of the open-source Addons available from the django CMS Marketplace such as django CMS Events. In addition, the Radio Zürisee team developed custom Addons to add some new features to the site, including:

  • audio and video streaming
  • advertisements
  • a search engine
  • a radio timeline
  • a weather forecast
  • podcasts
  • team
  • polls
  • on air information
  • web shop
  • user profiles
  • competitions and promotions


"django CMS is very easy to use, highly reliable and a modern way of doing web development. It’s easy to integrate your custom Django applications and thanks to Divio Cloud also to install Addons from the django CMS Marketplace. Divio Cloud is a great all-in-one solution that makes local development and deployment processes much faster and easier. We’re using a Custom Cloud plan that we can scale up and down based on our needs, and manage internally and independently. When we need technical support Divio is always available.​

Philipp Havrilla, Digital Media Manager at Radio Zürisee


Main technologies used

Divio Cloud

A product by Divio that provides the best production-ready and out-of-the-box solution for django CMS websites. Divio provided a standard and proven project configuration with sensible defaults, that also benefits from continuous improvement and development that can be applied as an automated update. The Divio Cloud platform took care of all the heavy lifting and optimisation around deployment: the client was able to focus instead on what makes the site’s applications, features and design.


Celery background workers using RabbitMQ as backend - amongst other functionality, this is used to download/upload podcasts and to update the currently-playing track in the background.




Radio Zürisee


Media and Communication

Year of launch


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Done by

Radio Zürisee AG, Bahnhofplatz 1
8640, Rapperswil, Switzerland


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