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Location: US, Canada | updated: 26.02.2021 | contact: [email protected]

Full Stack Django Developer

Startup seeking full stack, front end developer for kickstarter raising money to build MPV0 for "ArtsDesire", a site where users can find out and interact around all things going on in the arts ("Engaging in the arts for connection, compassion, and community").

Looking for experienced (3-5 years, 3-5 projects), hands on developer: Python/Django, database like mysql/postgresql , frameworks like Bootstrap and React, and CMS like Wagtail. Devops & some familiarity with AWS. Able to parse through "make" vs. "adopt" choices. Additional plus would be experience in using web pack.

Developer will be implementing use cases, mockups & UX design specs and building a front end on top of Django back end. Opportunity to work with an agile team, project aimed at supporting the arts.

Apply now! Please send your CV to [email protected]