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dCA Documentation Workshop

This workshop introduces, and helps you implement, an approach that will improve your project’s documentation. The approach is one of the most talked-about movements in product documentation of recent years, especially in the open-source world. The focus of the approach will be on django CMS and django CMS documentation contribution. It is presented by the django CMS Association documentation workgroup and recommended to every dCA member, who contributes code to the open-source django CMS project. 

Date: 15th of January 2021, start 10am (CET) 

Time: 180 mins (Q&A incl.)

Language: EN  

Limited to 30 participants

Speaker: Daniele Procida

Registration: Everyone who is interested in software documentation



  • 90 min Presentation
  • 60 min Exercise
  • 30 min Q&A 



This workshop introduces an approach to improve the documentation of your project and helps you to implement it.

This approach focuses on the structure of the documentation. Based on solid, well-established principles on a number of topics (including learning, understanding, practice, pedagogy), it provides a documentation framework that is easy to understand, easy to put into practice, and most importantly, immediately and sustainably effective.

In the workshop we will use hypothetical, exemplary documentation, but participants should "bring their own problems" to have someactual documentation - whether already existing or in the planning phase - to apply it.


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