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Tech talk: djangocms-cascade - the Swiss army knife of django CMS

In this online tech talk, Jacob Rief, author of djangocms-cascade, is going to give an introduction to the functionality of djangocms-cascade, or how he likes to call it: The Swiss army knife of django CMS. 

"Instead of creating one database model for each CMS plugin, Cascade shares one database model for all of them. The payload then is stored inside a JSON field instead of declaring each attribute explicitly. This furthermore prevents us to handle all kind of nasty database migration problems." - Jacob Rief 

Date: Tuesday, 11th of May 2021, start 5pm - 6:15pm (CEST) 

Location: Google Meet (Link will be provided after registration)

Language: EN  

Speaker: Jacob Rief


  • 60 min Presentation
  • 15 - 30 min Q&A


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