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Location: Remote | updated: 21.05.2021 | contact: [email protected]

django CMS developer

We are in need of an additional full-time developer to work on our Django CMS sites. 

Work location doesn't matter, but you do need to have:

  • Conversational English
  • Have your workday cross over from 9 am-12 pm Eastern M-F
  • Strong Python Knowledge
  • Know how to write/maintain CMS Plugins effectively
  • Bonus if you also know HTML/CSS/JS/Bootstrap

If you are interested, please send your info along with a resume, examples of what you've worked on, code examples, and/or anything else you think is pertinent to [email protected]

Background on Pinogy: We have developed a retail ecosystem mainly focused on pet stores in the US. This includes all the software that the stores use inside the store, along with websites, marketing, and ecommerce. We currently have around 100 Django CMS sites, with a backlog of additional sites that need to get implemented, along with additional functionality to be developed for the existing sites.

Apply now! Please send your CV to [email protected]