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What is django CMS?

Mario Colombo

Sept. 24, 2020

This article gives you a breakdown of what django CMS is and why it is different from other content management systems.


Before the django CMS Association founding, the core of django CMS was primarily developed by the Swiss company Divio and some core contributors from the community, and made publicly available. With its intuitive and straightforward user interface, django CMS is not only compatible with all current web browsers, but can also be excellently controlled with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. 

Not only is django CMS reliable and secure, but its built-in Python has been tried, tested, and proven many times. You can create sustainable long-lived sites with django CMS. It's easy to get started with and offers vast potential for the developer of sophisticated websites. 

This article gives you a breakdown of what django CMS is and why it is different from other content management systems. 


What is django CMS?

django CMS is a free, open-source content management system used by thousands of organizations and enterprises worldwide. Whether you are using your computer, a mobile device, or your tablet, you can build multilingual, multisite projects and manage content easily with a simple click or touch. 

With the convenient drag and drop function, you can easily construct a complex and elegant page layout. Many content editors are convinced by the simple way django CMS allows them to edit content. Now the editors don't have to navigate through complex backend views anymore. The content is displayed in plugins, which can be placed anywhere on the page with the drag and drop function. 

django CMS website .png

This function allows the content creator to quickly edit its structure and content without dealing with HTML code. The separation of the backend code with the frontend content is one of django CMS's strength.

django CMS content editor .png

Another useful function django CMS has to offer is the django filer, which helps you manage a portfolio of images or other files. Publishing images, videos, and news has never been so effortless.

django CMS filer.png

Besides the core functions, the global django CMS community of expert developers have created numerous applications that integrate seamlessly into its extensible publishing model.

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Almost any functionality imaginable can be built into a django CMS website by developing custom applications and plugins. You can visit the django CMS Marketplace and search through the Addons for additional features.


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