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The open-source CMS used by thousands of websites since 2007

django CMS is an open-source project started in 2007, written in programming language Python and based on the Django web framework. The license under which it is released is the BSD 3, a copy of the license is included with every copy of django CMS.

How to read the following table:

 Built-in (core packages)            Via third-party packages or services          Not available out of the box, custom implementation possible

Multi-site capability 
Reusable Design 
Frontend editing 
Approval Workflow (moderation) 
Integrated StatisticsBest practises suggest using an analytics solution such as Google Analytics (integration for server-side tracking is possible)
Link Management 
Filterable table of contents 
Headless ModeCurrently possible by creating a REST API layer for django CMS plugin models. See djangocms-spa for examples.
Auditabledjango CMS has successfully passed a variety of security audits in the past
Hardened SecurityPossible through various built-in django features and well maintained third-party django packages
Granular priviliges 
Separated Frontend + Backend 
CaptchasBest practises suggest integrating a third-party service such as Google Captchas
Third-party authentification (LDAP, MS Azure oAuth, Google oAuth, etc)There are many well maintained django packages that integrate smoothly into the django CMS experience
Session management 
Response time for security issuesdepending on your SLA
Sandbox for developmentThis is part of a hosting solution., for example, supports multiple dev environments.
User registration with double opt-in 
Backup management interface and automated backupsThis is part of a hosting solution., for example, supports this.
Open-Source DatabasesMySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and others
ExtensibleCustom applications, custom content elements, and more.
Support for modern frontend stacks and pipelinesdjango CMS is completely frontend agnostic. Your frontend developers are completely free in their decisions.
Customizable WYSIWYG editorSee djangocms-text for more info
Spell Checker 
Versioning, undo changesSee djangocms-versioning for more info
Drag & Drop content management 
Scripting API 
Digital Asset Management (DAM) IntegrationsFor many DAMs well maintained  API wrapper packages exist in django which make integration with django CMS a breeze. The third-party Frontify integration package can serve y ou as an example.
Mass upload of images/documents 
Automated image editing (e.g. scaling) 
Multiple use of media content 
Free structuring (menus, categories) 
Hiding contents for mobile devices 
Scheduled publishing/unpublishing 
Full text searchBest practises suggest using a cloud-based search engine such as algolia
Searchable assets (PDF, meta data) 
Standards Compliance 
UTF-8 support 
HTML5/CSS3 capable 
Valid markup 
Frontend (templates) WCAG compliant 
Backend WCAG compliant 
Configurable URLs 
Meta data editable per page 
Standard content repository APIs 
Related Content 
Tag cloud 
A/V media 
Newsletter and E-Mail Campaign Management 
News & Blog 
Bulletin board 
Print view, PDF Generator 
Calendar / events 
Configurable user profiles 
Forms builder 
Social media 
Shop function 
Polls, surveys 
Quiz tool 
Sitemap generator 
Premade themesdjango CMS is made for large, high-quality website projects, enabling smooth, modern processes for the implementation of bespoke branding and design 
Commercial themesOur trusted network of Experts and Partners can help you to create your own website branding and design
Configurable page layout 
individual Design/Themes/.... possible without further knowledge 
Commercial Offers (services, training, hosting)Our trusted network of Experts and Partners can support you with anything you need.
Manuals and documentation 
User Guide 
Large developer community 
Developer conferences 
Public user/developer platform 


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