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django CMS 3.10 is here!

Simon Krull

March 27, 2022

Here we are with the first release in 2022: django CMS 3.10.0. the django CMS community has shipped a new stable release. We are grateful to everyone who contributed to this release. django CMS 3.10 is another milestone. But the next big thing will be django CMS 4.0.


This feature focuses on bringing python 3.10 support, bringing build system to latest nodejs, and bugfixes


Please see the changelog for django CMS 3.10.0 for full details of the changes. 

How to get it

Version 3.10.0 is available for installation in several different ways: 

  • via pip (pip install django-cms==3.10.0)

  • directly from GitHub

Testing & Feedback

Please file any bug reports on GitHub, and give us any other feedback in our Slack (#support)

Thanks to all contributors for their efforts!

  • Anatoliy (3 pull requests)
  • Angelo Dini (1 pull request)
  • Dmytro Litvinov (1 pull request)
  • Florian Delizy (10 pull requests)
  • Gabriel Andrade (1 pull request)
  • Halit Çelik (1 pull request)
  • Jean-Baptiste PENRATH (1 pull request)
  • Jeffrey de Lange (1 pull request)
  • Jens-Erik Weber (1 pull request)
  • Kaushal Dhungel (1 pull request)
  • Marco Bonetti (2 pull requests)
  • Mark Walker (10 pull requests)
  • Nebojsa Knezevic (2 pull requests)
  • nichoski (2 pull requests)
  • Nicolai (11 pull requests)
  • Ryo Shimada (1 pull request)
  • Simon Krull (4 pull requests)
  • Stefan van den Eertwegh (1 pull request)
  • Vinit Kumar (5 pull requests)

With the review help of the following contributors:

  • fsbraun
  • Gabriel Andrade
  • Marco Bonetti
  • Mark Walker
  • Nicolai
  • Simon Krull
  • TiredFingers
  • victor-yunenko
  • Vinit Kumar

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Did you know? django CMS is fully funded by the community

django CMS is open source and has no license costs. It relies on users like you to contribute to its development, support and operation. 

Thanks to our great team of volunteers and the members of the django CMS Association, the django CMS project can be run. For that, we are forever grateful!

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