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django CMS 3.11.4

Fabian Braun

Sept. 17, 2023

The next maintenance release for django CMS 3.11 (LTS) has arrived!

This release focuses on Django 4.2 support, which is the latest long-term support version of Django.


  • Support for Django 4.2 admin dark mode (three state: light, dark, auto)
  • Set of bug fixes:
    • Fixed a freeze of the frontend when updating plugins
    • Mitigate performance hit of deprecation warnings
    • Fixed a form error when creating pages using the wizard when using non-Latin titles
    • and many more (see changelog)


Please see the changelog for django CMS 3.11.4 for full details of the changes. 

How to get it

Version 3.11.4 is available for installation in several different ways: 

  • via pip (pip install django-cms==3.11.4)

  • directly from GitHub

Testing & Feedback

Please file any bug reports on GitHub, and give us any other feedback in our Slack (#support)

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Did you know? django CMS is fully funded by the community

django CMS is open source and has no license costs. It relies on users like you to contribute to its development, support and operation. 

Thanks to our great team of volunteers and the members of the django CMS Association, the django CMS project can be run. For that, we are forever grateful!

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