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Powerful & lean open source platform for managing your content needs 

Built for developers, marketers and business leaders

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Top features

Marketing Manager, Content Editor or Developer - django CMS is the right choice for everyone!

For Marketing Managers

  • Rich Content and Media Support: django CMS allows you to implement your Corporate Identity and Brand without compromises.

  • Marketing Integrations: Customer Relation Management (CRM) Software such as Pipedrive or Hubspot can be integrated seamlessly into the CMS.

  • Existing packages: Don't reinvent the wheel. Much of the functionality you might want to add has already been created. Just pick from countless packages on the marketplace.


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For Editors


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For Developers

  • Django based: Django CMS is just a django package. Use the full power of django, a top 3 modern global web framework with a huge community. Clean MVC code everywhere.

  • Application integration: Integrate your existing django modules into the CMS with ease. Use the AppHook feature to let editors add your apps anywhere in the CMS.

  • Django CMS Association: The association supports you and django CMS in the long term.


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