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Show and Tell

A new Google+ group "djangoCMS Virtual User Group" has been created by one of our core developers with the purpose of organizing monthly "Show and Tell" sessions via Google Hangouts where people can share some of the implementation details of their projects or show off new CMSPlugins or other CMS-related tools...

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django CMS 3.0 RC2 released!

Today we release django CMS 3.0 RC2

Coincidentally this comes together with the 3000th ticket closed. People troughoutly tested RC1 and we can report that we fixed all the issues found...

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django CMS 3.0 RC1 released!

After a year of development and 2905 commits since version 2.4.3 we are finally on the brink of releasing the best django CMS ever.

Today we...

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Django Weekend Cardiff 2014

Divio went to the Django Weekend in Cardiff where they had a talk and a tutorial. It was an awesome conference!

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